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Curpys Chemicals was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from Institute of Organic Chemistry NAS Ukraine (Kyiv). The company is a supplier of high-quality sophisticated building blocks for organic synthesis, drug discovery, biological studies, agrochemistry, material science and other areas of R&D in commercial entrprises and academic organizations across the globe. Our team consists of more than 30 qualified chemists with over 10 years' experience in synthetic organic chemistry. Broad skills in advanced chemistry practice including inconvenient and dangerous chemistry, in house elaborated synthetic methods, excellent knowledge of modern approaches in organic synthesis and keen understanding of drug discovery problems allows us to offer unique and rare compounds that ideally answer the needs of life science industries.

PRODUCTS: Off-the-Shelf Building Blocks

Building Block molecules containing reactive functional groups are useful for introducing certain structural fragments into the substrates.
Curpys Chemicals offers Off-the-Shelf Building Blocks suitable for synthesis of new chemicals, analogues and diversity libraries in discovery chemistry and drug development. A special subset of Curpys Chemicals Special Quality Off-the-Shelf Building Blocks is offered for your convenience.

Carboxylic acids, alkyl halydes, amines, amino acids, aldehydes, ketones, hydrazines, sulfonyl chlorides, heterocyclyc compounds and other chemical reagents are available in stock in gram to multigram quantities. Curpys Chemicals also offers scale-up synthesis of the compounds from the Off-the-Shelf Building Block collection.

PRODUCTS: Tangible Building Blocks

Tangible Building Blocks are functionalized compounds readily available in multigram quantities through our in-house validated synthetic procedures within 3-6 weeks upon request.
Curpys Chemicals' database of Tangible Building Blocks now comprises over 100,000 structures mostly based on rare chemotypes with favorable physico-chemical parameters, thus being excellent decorators in combinatorial synthesis of scaffold-based compound libraries and promising reagents for drug design.